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  • GLC-16UD

    Welcome to the new age of simplified growing. Pan-Tech brings to you the GLC-

    16UD. The GLC-16UD allows you to control up to (16) 1,000 watt HIDs. The GLC-16UD also comes with a dual 120v trigger cables. This will increase your lighting control capabilities. You can split the controller into two banks. Also, provides a separate power source for your ballast on their own circuit.

    Tools Needed for installation: 80-amp breaker, 4 AWG copper wire or equivalent, 8 awg ground, one hole straps flat head screwdriver, Phillips screw driver, voltage meter, wire strippers, mounting screws, Halex connectors, Service

    Shut-off box(recommended)

    Power & Wiring Requirements

    WARNING: Consult a licensed electrician if you do not fully understand installation instructions.

    1. Find a centralized location for your GLC to be mounted, in a dry location is preferred.
    2. 200-amp main required for this installation.
    3. You must provide over current protection for the GLC, using an 80-amp double pole circuit breaker. This would be installed in to your main power panel.
    4. 80 amps of power require a wire size of at least 4 awg copper.
    5. A 4 awg copper wire cable (Black & red) with 8 awg ground is recommended for installation.
    6. Main 220 volts 80 amp power must be supplied to the GLC using 8 awg copper w/grd. Connect one 8 awg wire to each line tap on the breaker plate (a standard or flat head screwdriver needed).
    7. Connect 8 awg ground wire to ground square lug.                        Connecting the main 240 volt power:
    8. Secure the GLC to the wall using appropriate hardware.
    9. Do not connect any ballast power cords into GLC. Make sure trigger cable unplugged.
    10. Open GLC cover by removing the five screws from breaker cover. Cover can hinge upward.
    11. Carefully Strip the wires 3/8”. Pass all wires through the strain relief connector at bottom of GLC.
    12. Connect ground (copper or green wire) to ground lug. Tighten connection once inserted. Connect 4 awg wire to line taps. Route the wires where they do not obstruct the operation of the outlets. Tighten screws securely with standard screw driver.
    13. Tighten all internal connections again. Especially, your relays, loose connections cause extreme heat buildup in the wires. This can cause arcing. Arcing is not covered under warranty. Tighten your connections!
    14. Re-secure cover to GLC. Tighten screws on cover (do not over tighten, screws will strip).
    15. Set your lighting hours on the external timer (see Timer set-up).
    16. If using magnetic ballast, be sure that they are wired 220 v or select the 220 volt outlet.
    17. The GLC-16U allows you to use different styles of 120v or 220v power cable from ballast to controller.
    18. Kill power to the main panel by turning off service breaker main. Make sure to secure all wire or conduit to the wall. Feed wire into main panel.
    19. Attach wires to 80 amp breaker. Place breaker into breaker plate. Retighten connections! Arcing is not covered by warranty.
    20. Turn on Service shut-off and installed 80 amp breaker.
    21. Test breaker lugs for 220v power.
    22. Test GLC for 220v power.
    23. Clean and screw lamps into reflectors. Attach lamp cords to corresponding ballast.
    24. Each outlet is conveniently numbered for ballast tracking.
    25. Plug ballast into GLC, within a minute depending on your ballast. Your lamps will illuminate.

    Timer Set-up:

    An analog timer (sold separately) is set-up in 15 minutes’ increments, each pin represents that 15 minutes. On the inner face of the timer is a small triangle, this points to present time. Rotate the outer dial clockwise until your current time is reached.

    Start sliding pins toward the outside of timer for your ON cycle, of your lighting schedule. Any pins left toward the middle of the timer will be the OFF cycle. Most timers have dual outlets, synchronized. Each trigger can operate a bank of eight HIDs. (Your lighting schedule depends on the stage of growth you’re in).

    Plug trigger cables into 120v only power source on timer (most timers have dual outlets). If the triangle is pointing at a pin that is in the ON position. You should here a mechanical click from the relays and both LEDs should be illuminated. If in OFF position, the relays won't actuate until the timer calls for it. (you can manually turn on the lights, by rotating the timer clockwise until you get to a pin in ON position). Green LED indicators illuminate when main power is live.


    After two weeks of operation, re-tighten all connections! Arcing is not covered under warranty.

    Do not plug in any 120v devices into sockets on side of GLC. You can destroy any devices plugged in.

    If you still don't understand consult a qualified electrician.


    The GLC is warrantied against defects in workmanship and electrical parts for Three years.


    Trigger voltage: 15ft, 120vac (dual)

    Receptacle Type: 16 Universal plugs that work with NEMA 6-15P & 5-15P

    Main power input/output Voltage: 240v

    Maximum relay amperage: 30 amps each

    Maximum power amperage: 80 amps

    Operating temp range: 32- 120* f

    Operating humidity range: 0- 99% RH

    Relay cycles (Minimum): 100,000 contacts

    Enclosure material: Powder coated Steel